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Did you know that domestic contracts are not legal unless they are in writing?

At MMA Law, we are here for you to help with domestic contracts (cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements). You can use domestic contracts to overwrite important statutory rights and frameworks, incorporate your own terms, and set out rights and obligations should your relationships come to an end.

Always obtain independent legal advice or independent legal representation when entering any domestic contract and, if possible, confirm that the other party did as well to avoid any confusions or miscommunication in the long run.


Upon dissolution of the marriage, some couples end up in expensive legal proceedings, but some part ways on mutually agreed and uncontested terms. Those couples are able to resolve all disagreements outside of the expensive courtroom, but they still require advice and assistance to finalize the formal divorce. Keep in mind that while obtaining a divorce is not a mandatory requirement for couples unless one of them wishes to remarry, remaining legally married does affect multiple areas of an individual’s day-to-day life as well as their property, children, and the future.

Please note there are a number of requirements for the divorce to qualify for the services offered. This includes ensuring that your spouse will not contest the proceeding, her/his cooperation during the process of service of documents, existing and valid grounds for divorce, and meeting residency requirements.


Uncontested Divorce – $699.99 + HST, Disbursements and Court Fees

Domestic Agreement – Call or email to discuss

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