Wills and Estates

At MMA Law, we understand that the estate planning process is a challenging process, so we offer a number of affordable options to give you the comfort of knowing that you and your family’s interests are taken care of.

We provide a free initial consultation to truly understand and appreciate your situation and goals (through either an in-office or video conference meeting). After a thorough discussion, we implement the best approach by way of preparing comprehensive Wills and/or Powers of Attorney.


Simple Will (can be done ONLY in person )

  • $250.00 plus HST and disbursements, or
  • $350 for Couples Will plus HST and disbursements (applies ONLY to married couples)

Power of Attorney (can be done remotely)

  • $69.99 or two (Personal Care and Financial with respect to the same individual) for $129.99.

For most Ontarians, the act of making a Will seems like a challenging task. Thankfully, it does not have to be overwhelming. With the use of modern technology and a lawyer that is accessible on the phone and via email on short notice, this process can be streamlined for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Dying without a Will (called “intestate”) can have major consequences. Your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Succession Law Reform Act, and if you have a common-law spouse or other loved ones that don’t fall within the statutory framework, they will be left with nothing and may have to resort to a long and costly estate litigation process to protect themselves. Moreover, dying intestate results in excessive procedural steps compared to dying testate, both time and money wise. You are risking having the distribution of your estate delayed significantly due to the lack of proper paperwork.

While it is true that you don’t need a lawyer or notary to make a Will in Ontario, MMA Law recommends having a lawyer draft your Will to ensure that nothing is left out and your Will is stored where it can be found. Moreover, the fee covers two independent witnesses and affidavit of execution properly executed and stored, all of which can serve as a bulletproof layer of protection should your Will ever get contested.


We will also sign the escrow agreement with you which will contain written instructions as to how, and to whom, we can release your Will and Power of Attorney, all to ensure your interests are protected to the fullest.


It is very important that you review your Will regularly, perhaps every few years.


If there is a major life change, such as the death, disability or incapacity of a beneficiary, guardian or executor, your marriage, separation or divorce, birth or adoption of children, significant acquisition or disposition of property, change of residency or citizenship or other similar changes, you should immediately review the Will and consult MMA Law to determine its effect on your Will.


In Ontario, an estate trustee is the only person with the legal authority to manage or distribute same.


Probate is a procedure to get the court to:


  • Give a person the authority to act as the estate trustee of an estate;
  • Confirm the authority of a person named as the estate trustee in the deceased’s will;
  • Legally confirm that the deceased’s will is their valid last will.
  • You can apply for probate in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

As a result of a successful probate application, the court will issue a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (with or without a will), which is proof that a person has the legal authority to deal with the estate and – if there is a will – is proof that the will is valid.


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